Submission Guidelines

Our editorial policy is yes. Send it here:

Maybe it’s an essay or an interview or a review of something in your life. Maybe it’s a painting or a comic or some philosophy or some local history. Maybe it’s sad, maybe it’s funny, maybe it’s both or neither. A letter to the editor or a letter to a loved one. Maybe you’ve found a new way to think about sports or nature or politics or parents or dreams or food or your block or your feelings since the coronavirus started. All we ask is that it reflect some aspect of your life, now that life is a little different.

Here are some additional prompts, in case any sparks an idea:

• One thing I’ve learned about my family since sheltering in place is…
• Who’s the most interesting person you know? Interview them!
• Describe one thing you’d like to change about your household, and one thing you love about it.
• Describe one thing you’d like to change about the world, and one thing you love about it.
• Write a letter to your younger self. Or to your future self. Or to a kid your age in another country. Or to the coronavirus.
• Write a song about something new in your life.
• Imagine you’re writing a movie about coronavirus. How does it end?
• My hardest days of shelter-in-place have been…
• Interview a parent about what they were like at your age. How are you similar, and different?
• What rituals does your family have? Describe one.
• Imagine you’re an anthropologist, and the creature you’re studying is YOU. What’s this person’s day like? What are they most interested in? What’s unique about them?
• Any of you older writers have a boo? How has coronavirus aected your relationship?
• How have you changed since the coronavirus started?
• What do you miss about life before coronavirus? Is there anything you don’t miss?
• What do you think your life will be like in a year?
• Write about the ways people are helping their community now.
• What else could we be doing to be helpful now?

Wait, we have a few other things to ask, too:

  • Submissions should be no longer than a single page, or roughly 350 words
  • Please send only material created in the last few weeks.
  • Contributors must be 17 or younger.
  • Also, please be mindful of younger readers reading this paper. Terrifying horror stories will be enjoyed by the editor but ultimately rejected. 
  • Please include your name as you’d like it published (check with a grownup about whether you should use a last name or not), your age and what city or town you live in.

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