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I Hope 

By Frances Novak, 10, San Francisco
        I wake up. I am Frances, I have been depressed ever since this "oh wear a mask and wash your hands" thing happened. I think of all the good times I had in the old days and I take sad showers and sad walks. I take a Pop-Tart. The Pop-Tart, so innocent, and then I eat it.
        I ask my parents if I can go hang out with my friends they sigh and say "no." I want to punch someone or something. I take a walk without caring to tell my mom or dad. The walk is silent. All I can hear is my breathing. This mask makes me claustrophobic. The walk is slow and sad, I put on my hood sadly. I think of all the good days without A MASK. I go back home and I want to sleep, maybe if I sleep I will wake up and not have to wear a mask and I will finally be able to hug anyone I want.
        School is not the same, not as many smiling faces and not the same faces, I can’t see any friends. Maybe I can hibernate like a bear and never wake up. I hope that soon everything will be back to normal. I hope.