Six Feet of
a publication by and for young people,
created during the coronavirus pandemic

Letter from the editor

Six Feet of Separation started as a neighborhood newspaper for young people in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. Now we’re a neighborhood newspaper for young people in neighborhoods ALL OVER THE PLACE. We want you in the next issue! Yes you. Come up with your own idea or start with one of these:

• What do you think about the most these days?

• What’s been making you mad lately? What makes you happy? Write about either, or both.

• Do some local reporting: How are people’s moods? How are the businesses in your town doing? What are the biggest changes that have come since coronavirus started? What hasn’t changed but should?

* Do an unusual interview. Pick a person and ask them “What should I ask you about?” Then ask them about that!

• Write about the ways people are helping their community now.

• Write a letter to an animal that you know. Describe what it’s like to be a human right now.

• Do any of the above as a drawing instead!

We also have a special issue coming up, all about OBJECTS. Pick one and write (or draw) about it! Can be an object you own, an object from around your home or neighborhood, an imaginary object, an object that gives you feelings, an object from history, an object that might be significant to other people, an object that somehow says something about this crazy year we're having -- coronavirus, the fires, the protests, the election etc. Or something else entirely. Deadline for this issue is Oct 26.

Whatever you end up creating, please send it to Include your name as you’d like it to appear, your age and your city or town. Or submit it here

We pay zero dollars and offer a generous benefits package featuring satisfaction, civic pride, negligible annoying adult editorial interference and probably some other stuff. Join the fun!

Grownups! Wanna make a (tax-deductible!) contribution? Drop us a line! Your help is extremely extremely appreciated and you will 100% go to kid journalism heaven.

Thank you for reading, and extra thanks to the wonderful and talent Beth Holzer for designing the paper.

Chris Colin
Editor, Six Feet of Separation