Six Feet of
a publication by and for young people,
created during the coronavirus pandemic

Writing Prompts for
Six Feet of Separation

Use one of these! Or ignore these and come up with your own idea!

• Review a movie that doesn’t exist.

• Write a letter to an animal that you know. Describe what it’s like to be a human right now.

• What do you think about the most these days?

• Fall’s coming. What does the word “school” mean to you now?

• What’s been making you mad lately? What makes you happy? Write about either, or both.

• Do some local reporting: How many people do you see in your neighborhood not wearing masks? How are the businesses in your town doing? What are the biggest changes that have come since coronavirus started? What hasn’t changed but should?

• Write about the ways people are helping their community now.

• What has the Black Lives Matter movement meant to you?

• In what ways does it feel connected to the pandemic?

• Write a song about the most challenging day you’ve had so far.

• You’re running for president. What changes will you make? What will your campaign slogan be? Wait, why are you running for president in the first place?

• Got a favorite author, musician or actor? What would you ask them if you were interviewing them? Let’s try to make it happen! Tell us who it is and we’ll do our best to get in touch for you.

• It’s 30 years from now and a historian is interviewing you about what this period was like. How will you describe it? How will you say it changed you?

• Do any of the above as a drawing instead!